Cost Effective Heating & Cooling

We specialise in air conditioner installation throughout Lincolnshire (and often beyond!) and are able to supply air conditioning systems from most major manufacturers, helping you choose the best system for your budget, domestic or commercial needs and keeping running costs firmly in mind.

We take the ecological impact of the systems we provide into account, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of your premises.

The Healthy Solution To Home Heating & Cooling

Air conditioning systems are an ideal way to reduce contamination and pollutants in the air. Filters in the air conditioner help to trap pollens and dust, resulting in a clean circulation of air that can improve the quality of life for those with allergies, such as hay fever, not to mention more serious illnesses such as asthma.

Many systems are also combined with a de-humidifier function, reducing the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. In return, dryer air helps to make the room feel subjectively warmer and helps to keep electronic equipment safe and reduce the build up of damp and mildew, also providing an ideal working environment in commercial premises.

Reduce Property Damage With Air Conditioning Installations

An air conditioning unit can also reduce the effects of condensation such as rotten window frames and mould on walls. If you have a particularly damp area such as a cellar, garage or workshop then air conditioning units can help to dry these areas out. With our air conditioning maintenance service, you’ll have a system that’s cost effective and long lasting.

Conservatory Air Conditioner Installations

More and more people are purchasing conservatory air conditioner installations for their dual function roles as heaters and coolers. Saving on the cost of extra plumbing, a roasting hot conservatory that’s freezing in summer becomes a haven at all times throughout the year.