Air Conditioning Maintenance Services: Keeping Costs Down

Particularly in the case of commercial air conditioning, maintenance is a crucial part of ensuring that your staff are comfortable and your electronic equipment is maintained in a stabilised, temperature controlled environment and avoids costly breakdowns.

Regular A.C. maintenance also tackles common problems that lead to equipment failure, such as blocked filters that can reduce air flow and cause the air con unit to freeze and damage other components. A well maintained air conditioning system will keep running costs down and continue running at peak performance.

A.C. Repair, Servicing & Contractual Maintenance

Available as both a one off service and an ongoing, contractual service, our air conditioning maintenance service is simply the best solution to keeping air control in your premises a cost effective solution. Whether or not you’ve chosen us as your air conditioning installation company, we’re here to help every step of the way.

How often should my air conditioning be maintained?

For the average domestic air conditioner, used for cooling during summer months, a yearly maintenance program is usually enough. However, in commercial and industrial settings, where the air con is used to both heat and cool, we strongly recommend a minimum of two visits per year, especially for air con units that operate in mission critical or lighly polluted areas, such as server rooms and workshops. Airborne particles can be a particular issue.

We also offer great deals if you have multiple air conditioners that require servicing. Contact us for further information and a quotation on our air conditioning service and maintenance packages.

We maintain air conditioners in many different business niches, from homes and offices to shops and schools.